Our endeavour is to provide a platform for sharing all aspects of life. Art, travel, Philosophy, Photographs, Science or History, any intriguing piece is what we yearn for.

Documenting is a tool to converse with the future. Our knowledge about the events of the past is based largely on the accounts left behind by those who lived these times. Documenting almost seems like a primal instinct. The early man , as though impulsively, left an impression of his life by carving figures on rock faces. The Egyptians documented life and death together through their ritual of mummification.

Our future generations will remember us by the quality of our documentation.

Early Himalayan explorers maintained an extensive record of their travels. The quality of their work was so remarkable that future expeditions utilised them for planning and exploration. These accounts were the life experiences of great men like Shipton, Tilman, Boardman and Tasker. Today this literature is our insight into that era when men and women ventured into a blank on the map. This practice of documenting ones travel eventually faded away along with the art of story telling.

A picture is worth a thousand words but a thousand pictures seem worthless without a guide. In the fields of research, science or history, there is no substitute to methodological documentation. Accuracy is dependent on the supporting record.

Our endeavor is to reincarnate the lost art of documentation and story telling. To connect people towards this common aim. We understand that the most genuine expression enumerates from the fredom to create. Thus, we have no guideline or fixed criteria to curate content on this platform.

This is a platform to express and share the knowledge and experiences of life.

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