The Earth’s side of the story

One may find that some of content seems to ignore the rationality of sustainable development. It presents a unilateral discrption of human activities destroying nature while ignoring the need for development and industrialisation. 

It is intended to be so. To influence the mind of a reader for environmental protection. It is intended as an advertisement to save the earth. We don’t se disclaimers and rationalisation in an advertisement to sell a fancy car, nor does the fashion industry shows the processes of tanning and dyeing. The necessity’s side of the story is well known. We want to bring to our readers the Earth’s side of the story. We believe that people are capable of making that rationalisation.

We believe that people are inherently good. With a wholesome knowledge of the facts, within their limits, they shall do the right thing. Our idiology for environment protection is the hope that they will.


Amandeep Talwar

Himanshu Khagta

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